NoiseAssess Ltd gains membership of The Association of Noise Consultants

NoiseAssess has been successful in gaining associate membership of the Association of Noise Consultants (known in the profession as the ANC – not to be confused with the African National Congress!).

The ANC is the only recognised association for the noise consultancy profession and its first objective is to “maintain and, where possible, improve the standards of conduct and competence of consultants concerned with noise, acoustics and vibration”. It also seeks to promote education and knowledge of the field and produces widely used guideline documents.

The ANC runs a registration scheme for sound insulation testing under Approved Document E to the Building Regulations (ADE). Organisations which carry out sound insulation testing for ADE must be either UKAS or ANC registered. NoiseAssess currently carries out sound insulation testing via a UKAS accredited company but the intention is to apply for accreditation through the ANC scheme in the near future.

The membership of the ANC is further recognition of the company and should give potential clients additional confidence of the professional standards NoiseAssess maintains.

Further information about the ANC can be found at:

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